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Ella Fletcher Designs

Commission Enquiries

Commission Enquiries

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Commissions are one of the favourite parts of my job. If you're looking for a dinner service, a huge vase, a collection of little bowls - whatever your fancy - just get in touch. We can discuss the colours, patters and personal touches you have in mind for your commission piece. You will be quoted a price for all the work after our discussions.

How does it work?

We will have a discussion about what you are looking for - whether it's a full dinner service, a collection of plant pots or a lamp base for example. We can talk about glazes, sizes etc and come up with a plan.

Can I choose the colour / glaze?

Yes, choosing the glaze is all part of the commission process.

How do I get my finished pieces?

Your finished pieces will be posted to you once glaze fired, or you are welcome to collect them from me at my studio or from my home in Morningside

How long will it take?

It depends on what you're ordering!

Let's do it!

Add me to your cart and I will get in touch to discuss your commission!

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