Collection: Collection Sets

I have 5 standard Collections/Ranges for my pre-made products, each encompassing their own colour and pattern designs:

  • Midsummer Rangethis range speaks of warm summer nights, with shades of deep blue, pale blue and pale pink, blending sleekly like the turning of late dusk skies (a triune wheel style) 
  • Landscape Rangethis range evokes the image of the rolling Scottish landscape, inspired by early morning walks in the Pentland hills, with deep, rich, darker bases, leading up to pale morning skies (colours vary)
  • Shoreline Rangethis range is inspired by the rambling Scottish shoreline of North Berwick, settled against gentle calming skies (horizon split style - colours vary) 
  • Sweetpea Rangethis range touches on the atmosphere of the sprawling Scottish wildflower fields (and in particular by my favourite sweetpea flowers! colours vary)
  • Polka Dot Rangethis range features Polka dot accents, bringing a pop of interest and texture to ceramic designs (colours vary)